One step closer to mars, by empowering the future.

Unlocking Possibilities

Harnessing the touch feedback capabilities of virtual reality and haptic suits, Stardust Technologies is providing solutions for the aerospace industry, where real-time feedback is necessary for safety during mission-critical scenarios.

Working closely with the Space Agencies, and Research Centers we are assisting in the quest to overcome technological, physical and biological difficulties in space exploration while testing our project on the International Space Station.

Contributing to astronaut’s immersive training, our project generates authentic scenarios accurately simulating real-world conditions, while simultaneously measuring results and stress levels, ensuring that participants maintain composure whilst under pressure.

Our work on StellarX is providing an intelligent solution to help astronauts endure long space travel and cope with psychological difficulties, stabilize mental health and reduce associated threats. These strategies will also have important implications for the mental health of soldiers and others who regularly deal with difficult situations.