Collaboration with the NRC and CSA for micro gravity research flights.

It is with immense honour that we are announcing our collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). The collaboration will include up to twenty micro gravity research flights using the NRC aircraft for our aerospace project EDEN.

The EDEN project is a psychological experiment aiding the astronaut with mental health in space and assisting them to cope with confinement in space though medical activities and entertainment.

With the EDEN project we will utilize several technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and haptic feedback to measure and evaluate the astronaut’s level of stress to generate exercises by our artificial intelligence that will allow them to reduce their stress.

With support from the NRC and the CSA, Stardust will be conducting research micro gravity flights in Ottawa, Ontario to better comprehend zero gravity and its impact on astronauts. The results will be used to improve the project EDEN with potential applications for astronaut training in simulated micro gravity on earth, health monitoring on the International Space Station, and Deep Space exploration for projects including the Lunar Gateway.

Our first flight will be scheduled for Q1 2021. On this flight we will be testing the latest TESLASUIT technologies by VR Electronics Ltd (UK) and the new Oculus Quest 2 by Facebook. We look forward to showcasing our progress and developments during our live presentation in Q1 2021.

Stay tuned for the official scheduled date of our live presentation and further information on the EDEN project.

We look forward to announcing more details in the upcoming days regarding our project EDEN, and our micro gravity tests with the NRC.