Lets redefine the future of medicine together, by saving countless lives to empower those in remote areas and providing critical thinking training that would only normally available in bigger institutions, with the help of our medicinal technology solutions.

Redefining Limitations

With the rise of technologies like virtual reality and haptic feedback, we are now able to solve physical and psychological issues that have been plaguing the human race, making possible what was only recently impossible.

Revolutionizing the treatment of those afflicted with congenital or acquired physical disabilities, our collaboration with TESLASUIT is redefining limitations and transforming lives through applications that accelerate recovery from injury, improving patient outcomes. With the help of a combination of electrical nerve stimulation and high precision motion tracking, we are reinventing therapeutic approaches to recovery and rehabilitation, via proprioception and haptic sensation.

Not limited to the treatment of physical impairments, Stardust Technologies is also developing virtual environments created specifically for mental disorder management, neurological disorders and cognitive rehabilitation. VR has been found effective in treating mental health by creating simulations for patients to confront the source of their psychological disorders within a controlled environment. Virtual reality systems are also promoting the functional recovery of neurological impairments and are helping to change the lives of stroke patients.

Our haptic feedback suit technologies are helping to perfect precision surgical training, instruct medical students to perform treatments or operations on virtual patients, and prepare paramedics to respond to virtual accident scenes. Students and trainees learn in a safe and controlled environment, resulting in better preparedness when responding to critical situations and high-risk environments on the job. Used to treat and even operate on patients located in remote areas via robotic virtual interfaces from thousands of kilometres away, countless lives around the globe can be saved.