Start saving lives, protecting the environement and maximizing your revenues going forward, by utilizing our Mine Training Solutions.

Shaping & Saving Lives

Stardust Technologies is having a direct impact on the training of those working in dangerous and high-risk industries, resulting in better training and preparation to deal with the dangers faced. Emergency response, mining and the petroleum & gas industries are now able to train employees to work in hostile environments without risk to personnel or property.

Haptic feedback suit technologies make it possible to simulate the whole-body experience, providing a sense of touch or feeling, perfecting technique and developing muscle memory. Realistic scenario training including touch, wind, water, force, hot and cold sensations, along with stress and fatigue simulations make training as realistic as possible, accelerating job training while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in training costs and logistical challenges.

By teaching the body the precise physical course of action during an emergency and perfecting technique, on-the-job injuries can be reduced. Trainees experience dangerous scenarios and emerge better equipped to deal with the unexpected, as though they have already lived them. Proving their ability to perform under pressure, our biometric system uses machine learning and analyzes heart rate, stress levels and overall mental and emotional states throughout the process, creating experiences catered to the user.

Whether heavy industry or public safety, Stardust Technologies is developing the most reliable training methods for future generations. Workers are immersed in situations in a non-life-threatening manner, within a virtual environment. Machine learning (AI) enables different scenarios to be created, using different approaches and objectives each time, preparing workers for any possible situation or crisis that could occur.