Training the future!

Today Stardust Technologies is honored to announce that we are working on a new community partnership with the Centre de formation Cochrane-Iroquois Falls. In order to support our local community during the pandemic, Stardust will be making a donation of 42 000$ in hardware and applications to the Centre de Formation in order to provide catered training utilizing our proprietary, customized, and robust virtual reality modules to support the Cochrane District in providing easier accessible training to the northern workforce that is in dire need.

With the implementation of virtual reality in a post-COVID society, Stardust Technologies is striving to better the training of the workforce, so new and old employees get the most comprehensive training experience. Through the process of using virtual reality, trainees will be able to revisit the modules any number of times to improve!

Our modules include First Aid/CPR Training, WHMIS, Lockout/Tagout and much more training modules based on our virtual reality mining training platform provided to the mining industry. All training modules will be certified to meet the standards set out by the regulatory board. These modules will translate to real life work skills and enhance training from the Centre de Formation and from home in the future. Alongside the Centre de formation Cochrane-Iroquois Falls, we will be working on getting all our virtual applications accredited utilizing virtual reality modules.

Ideally this will pave way to the new generation of learning by experience, in nonhazardous scenarios that can simulate real life in a controlled environment, with focus on safety and learning. With this solidified partnership, Stardust Technologies and Centre de formation Cochrane-Iroquois Falls will bring training into a new age where immersion and engagement will heighten learning and create a better, more prepared workforce!